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Enrico Reuter

Film Music & Sounddesign


Soundwood Media

August-Bebel-Straße 26-53

14482 Potsdam


Phone: 0179 8892044




All music on this website is original composed,recorded,

produced by Enrico Reuter

All rights reserved to the composer.


"Secret Of Jnana" - vocals & lyrics by Sandeep Dwivedi

 "Das Mädchen und die Felsen" - vocals by Katharina Horst de Cuestas

"First Date" - composed by

Luis Burghardt & Enrico Reuter


All music on this website is recorded with Cubase Pro 10.5

Vst-Plugins: East West Quantum Leap Ra, Spitfire Albion V Tundra, Vocalise Gravity Pack 2, Spitfire LABS, Balinese

Gamelan, Kwaya Library, Signal, Symphobia 2, Albion I,

ProjectSam Swing!, Broadway Big Band, 

Kontakt Elements, Edirol Orchestral

Watermark vocals by


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Image by IppikiOokami on Pixabay

Photos by Carolyn Pliquet