This music library is a collection of relaxation music that takes us to the world of Far Asia. Discover the audible experience of four different places, cultures and meditation spirits. Every country has it's own story to tell and has it's own musical soul which is revealed here sonorously. Traditional instruments and music styles of the respective spots meet calm chillout sounds and ambient soundscapes. The music is conceived as background music, it's created for relaxation and inspiration.

"Music For Relaxation Areas" contains five music libraries of different styles and cultural backgrounds. China, Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Cambodia represent several places in which meditation is accompanying the life's journey. Every library offers four music tracks with a length about ten minutes and variations with underlaid nature ambiences. The music is originally composed for this project. It contains self-recorded instruments and professional virtual studio technology plugins.

The concept of the project is to create a soundtrack for areas where calm music reinforce the athmosphere. Places where the library can be used are meditation and yoga sessions, spa and wellness areas, massage treatments, relaxation rooms, restaurants, lounges, waiting rooms,  therapy sessions,  presentations, image films, travel videos and documantaries.